Hi, I’m Debra Parker.


I once carried a five pound paper wrapped bundle of white hydrangeas and tea roses all around Belgium. I couldn’t help buying them from a local market even though I was a tourist in every sense of the word. Don’t imagine a fanny pack, but definitely riding open top buses with a map in hand.

Sure, other people in our group of twenty– I’m looking at you Caleb Groom, laughed at me for lugging the flowers around, but hey, to me it was the chance of a lifetime. And because of them I had just become a person that bought flowers from a tent in an open air street market in Europe. I mean, really.

That one solid purchase can best describe my personality. Because in the way I picked up flowers and carried them for ten hours for the memory of them, I hold to everyday thoughts, the sacred and the silly, and consider them a telling to be told. See– I believe, our stories, yours and mine, glued to the gospel has the wild power to change the world.

Here in this space I hope we can gather close and tell stories. Sure, I’ll go first, but soon it'll be your turn. I can't wait.