My Name


I named you Debra.

That is what I believed God was telling me, but still I thought it silly. I knew my mom named me Debra because it started with a D like her own name Dolores.

One day I was wrestling this out when I finally decided to research a bit. I always knew Debra meant Bee, but never paid attention that it was a Hebrew name.

I learned the root word of my name is dabar which in its verb tense is often used as God spoke, God promised, and God commanded. In its most basic meaning dabar means to speak or pronounce into being.

Then the feminine noun of my Hebrew name is exactly like the word Bee, and carries the dbr root most likely because the Bee brings forth honey. I read somewhere that honey served the die hards.

The coolest thing I learned is Bees have a house and operate within a complex colony. Bees like flowers and help them reproduce, make honey, speak, care for offspring, and are armed.

All of these are fragmented thoughts that when I pull them together remind me God spoke me into being even if I was unplanned and needed to be adopted. Also, that I am made to speak forth and bring the honey of the Word of God to the complex place I live in.

So, I had my name tattooed on my wrist on my birthday as my forever reminder of who and whose I am and what I was spoken into being to do.

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