Christmas Gift Ideas 2018

It’s Christmas shopping season and for a mostly non shopper like me it can be a bit nerve wracking trying to come up with some original but lovable gifts to give, and honestly, to receive. Anyone? My amazing mother-in-law asks me for a Christmas list and I always have a hard time pinpointing what I’d like to ask for. It’s not that I am selfless and I don’t want anything. If only. It’s that I literally feel overwhelmed with so many options. Most of the items on this list I actually own and love. I have also had a lot of luck giving these items as gifts. For full disclosure I have the earrings, the tee shirt and two of the stacking rings on my personal Christmas wish list.

I have barely begun my own Christmas shopping, but I do have one gift that I bought for someone that has me so excited for present opening time. It’s the best kind of gift giving, right?

Alright, alright, here is the list. If you have questions let me know. Happy shopping.

For the Ladies—-


For the Guys—-


For the Elementary aged kids—-


Smencils from Amazon $15

Magnatiles from Target $60

Nail Stickers $6

Ream of Paper

Other ideas:

Fun T shirt


Barnes + Noble Gift Card